Where and why does mold grow?
​Mold needs 4 things; food, water, a viable spore, and temperature. Food is everywhere in our homes except for non-organic surfaces and mold spores are certainly plentiful.  Our homes provide a great temperature, which just leaves moisture.  Any water loss or leak will result in mold growth in 24-48 hours on a microscopic level.  After another day or two the colony is now off-gassing (that musty smell) and is elevating spore levels and disbursing CFU's (colony forming units).

Here are some of the most common places

you will find mold:

  • Attics with poor/improper ventilation
  • Basements with foundation leaks or water ​intrusion
  • Under vanity sinks
  • Kitchens; dishwasher lines, under the sink, refrigerator line leaks, etc
  • On drywall behind couches and baseboards

​"Aside from the documented heath effects, mold eventually destroys it's food source, which is your home." Click here for more info.

What you need to know about the dangers of mold

Mold and fungi in general get a bad rap.  Toxic mold often referred to as "black" mold releases a mycotoxin that can harm humans when exposed for an extended period of time.  Normal healthy adults are used to battling mold daily at normal levels, even toxic mold.  As we learn more about the various molds less emphasis is being put on if they are allergenic, pathogenic, or toxigenic.  Our primary concer is if your immune system is being overloaded by any of the three.   We find this out through air testing which is described in greater detail in our Services section.

If anyone in the home is immune compromised then the bar of acceptability

drops drastically.  These are individuals on Chemotherapy, with HIV or Aids, 

or any other condition that lowers their ability to fight off infections.  Even 

the most mild rise in MVOC's (microbial volatile organic compounds) or

spores could have a devastating effect on their health.  This is why we train so 

hard and thoroughly to handle hospitals, foster homes, and nursing homes.

Also, pets are not immune to the dangers of mold though they often get 

overshadowed by concerns for the human occupants.

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