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Attic and Crawlspace Remediation

Attics and crawlspaces are notorious for harboring large mold colonies.  Partly because not many people frequently go inside their attic or crawl unless they are selling their home or have a leak.  Even when attics are inspected by professionals things like "blue stain" around nails is called mold.

Our techs perform remediation by first removing the mold and then either treating

or sealing the semi-porous wood with an ​EPA approved encapsulant.  

The biggest moisture source in attics is usually poor ventilation (see below).  This is

easily corrected using baffles or adding vents where needed.

Inspection and Testing:

The first, and often most critical, step is to identify the moisture source and the extent of the damage.  Most of the time you will already have an idea or a report from a home inspector.  If there are "red flags" and/or health symptoms we highly recommend have a professional inspect your home.*

Testing usually involves multiple cassettes because an outdoor sample is taken every time in order to have a baseline spore level.  

*In NY and FL the same company cannot perform testing and remediation.

Commercial Remediation

From industrial facilities to office buildings, our team will remediate the mold quickly and cost-effectively.  Commercial mold remediation has a large amount of liability.  Our purpose is to shoulder that liability and make things safe in order to avoid litigation and ensure the health and safety of the occupants.


Water Mitigation

Mold doesn't grow without water.  Sometimes we need to dry out the area in order to properly remediate the colony and some companies want you to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket to do so.  We provide professional mitigation and dry out services at a fraction of the cost.  The reason is simple, we are not a mitigation company, we remove mold, we dry as a way to get you back to normal as soon as possible.

Sometimes insurance will pay a portion or all of the work needed to dry out building materials depending on the source.  Contact us and one of our insurance restoration specialists will assist you.

"When mold is discovered it can be alarming to say the least.  Trust Rapid Mold Removal to get the job done right!"

Interior Mold Remediation

​​By far the most hazardous area to have a colony is inside the building envelope.  Slow leaks, condensation, and poor air changes all contribute to mold growth and its unwanted side effects.  

Interior remediation includes:

  • Identifying/correcting the moisture source
  • Examining the scope of damage
  • Setting proper containment and engineering controls
  • Removing porous surfaces and cleaning the structure
  • Using HEPA (.3 micron) technology we clean all the settled spores and debris
  • ​Post cleaning or clearance test to show successful remediation*

*FL and NY require a third party to test and clear the affected areas.