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​​How accurate could a quote be if you've never been to the home?

​The short answer is VERY!  This system was designed by and for some of the most capable and experienced mold remediation professionals in the country.  All you have to do is provide us with your information and a few other details and we take care of you from there.  If the scope is different than we quoted, ie. more square feet than your guestimate, then there may be a slight adjustment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

​​Can I clean up the mold myself?

A homeowner or maintenance worker may be able to successfully clean up small areas of 30 square feet of growth or less.  It is also very important to find and correct the moisture source.  There are many products and internet DIY instructions, just use good judgement and make sure you take the proper precautions to ensure your safety.  If it is a large colony or you are having medical issues you believe to be related call the mold professional as RMR!

​​What do you test for?

​Testing only tells us what kind of mold and how much is in the air.  It does not diagnose a moisture source or tell you how or if it will affect you.  Testing is useful; if we cannot locate the colony, to tell us remediation was successful, to check for elevated levels, or to see if the remediation cross contaminated other areas.   Swabs and petri dishes could be misleading and are not used much anymore unless one wants to know the genus of the mold colony.

​​What can I expect if I call or submit a form?

As soon as you call or submit a request for a quote our customer service reps spring into action and guide you through the no-obligation quote process.  If you require services our professional technician(s) will arrive in marked vehicles and quickly and completely eliminate your mold problem.

​​Who corrects the moisture source?

​The homeowner usually is charge of rectifying the moisture source.  However, we do offer ventilation improvement and vapor barrier installation.  Ask your rep for a complete list in your area.

​​What if I do not own the building/unit were I want the work performed?

​We get this all the time.  Sometimes landlords need a nudge to repair a moisture source and clean the mold up.  We provide that nudge via testing and a scope of work.  The cost associated must be paid by the tenant, we do not bill third parties unless agreed to prior.

What will my attic or home look like when you are done?

If our stain remover is used 90% of the time your attic will look like new.  While we cannot undo physical damage we can certainly remove all of the black enzyme staining.  Please note that the stain removal product we utilize can be odorous and irritating, we take post pictures

If the mold is in your crawlspace and the home is occupied them we use an anti-microbial encapsulant to seal the pores of the framing and deter renewed mold growth.

Indoors or inside the building envelope should be clean and free from any musty odor.

​​Why is there a cancellation fee?

​We don't always enforce the fee unless a job is cancelled within 24 hours.  Our team is very busy taking care of people and if you cancel when they are en route or less than 24 hours prior we pay our team members with the fee for their time.  Our techs are much like partners, to ensure that they are making a good living we try to fill their time with paying jobs.  If a customer is just getting prices we suggest that they not schedule an appointment until after they have done their research and are ready to book.

What form of payments do you accept?  Can my title company pay you?

If we are specifically accounted for by name in the closing docs then yes we accept payment at closing but usually wait to do the work until just after just in case the deal falls through.  We accept all forms of payment otherwise.